Castle of San Silvestre

Maqueda, Spain

The Castle of San Silvestre is a castle located in the town of Maqueda, in Toledo, Spain. It was built by the commander of the Order of Santiago, Gutierre de Cárdenas, in the fifteenth century and was declared a Property of Cultural Interest by the National Artistic Treasury on June 3, 1931.

The castle of San Silvestre is small, the floor of the building is square and retains three of its facades, one of them almost complete. The side walls are inset with cylindrical towers. The door is oriented to the east and has a coat of arms and a matacán on top of it in which you can still make out carvings of dogs.

There used to have a drawbridge to enter the castle, over the surrounding pit that when filled with water protected the castle from intruders. Under the building there are two large vaulted rooms as a basement, as long as the building, and there may be more rooms buried under the castle now. 

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