Its your World

Exedos is building a decentralized network of immersive virtual worlds and 3D spaces running in real-time, designed to engage and captivate. With no barrier to entry, everyone is free to enter and experience the best of the metaverse.

The Future is here

Built using photo-realistic 3D environments, Exedos is designed to be a place where you can set your mind and body free. 

A world like no other

Exedos is a fully immersive 3D universe made up of inter-connected virtual worlds that are filled with unique art, geography and architecture. It is brought to life by interactive user generated activities that deliver a true escape from reality. Exedos is built on the blockchain and is truly de-centralized, so everyone can take part in its future and how it grows.

Travel where you want

As a first person experience you are free to explore Exedos any way you like. Our worlds and spaces are connected using portals so you teleport around exedos with ease, or directly to your friends.

Build your dreams

Anyone can create experiences in Exedos, opening the door for a whole new world of things to do. We support industry standards for 3D assets, and with native NFT support everything in exedos will always be unique.

The power of ownership

You can own your piece of exedos! Simply buy a piece of land on one of our worlds. Land is managed on the blockchain and is distributed on a limited basis to ensure that Exedos property remains unique.

Immerse yourself

Virtual experiences are changing the way people see the world around us. Exedos is driven by the preservation of the world’s art, history and culture, our goal is to give everyone a way to share the best of humanity online.

What people are saying

Exedos is a first step in human exploration of the Metaverse. We are building a truly de-centralized platform that is open to everyone, uses all virtual currencies, and supports the latest standards in digital assets. Join us and be a part of something big, something special – something that will change the status-quo.

Karsten Becker

Founder, Soulbank

De-centralization is the future, it will open new doors for everyone. Exedos is being created to remove the walls that you experience in todays online experiences. Our goal is to give you back your freedom in a world of immersive environments with true to life graphics delivered as a real time MORPG that you cant get enough of.

Alan Ciampaglia

Lead Developer, Exedos

The Exedos beta below me away. I have been building houses and megapolis’s for years and the new digital universe holds so much potential. If you build it, they will come has never been more real to me than it is today. I cant wait to see more of Exedos as it unfolds.

Ole Moe

Property Developer, Infinite Concrete

Exedos is coming

Join us and be a part of the metaverse