Become a Traveler

The People of Exedos

Exedos users are called Travelers, and they are free to access all the worlds across our entire virtual universe. The Exedos mobile application allows travelers to stay connected both in and out of Exedos, and gives you an easy way to arrange meetings or connect with your digital friends.  It also lets you manage your in-world assets, spaces and FLUX tokens.

Know no limits

There are three ways to get around Exedos, Portaling, Traveling and Teleporting. 


Portals are your key to the Exedos universe. They connect cities on our continents, and let you travel between worlds. Each main city has portals to the different locations in the world, as well as to neighboring worlds. Portals are one way only and are fixed to their destination via a process called “twinning” however travel is unlimited so you can hop around as much as you like.


Exedos is a open map experience, which means you are free to travel across all our cities, continents and worlds. We have many ways to travel in Exedos from walking around to using in world assets which are unique to each world. From hover-scooters to really fast shoes, horses and even hand-gliding. We will introduce new assets as Exedos grows to keep it interesting.  


Teleporting is instant travel. Travelers can teleport to each other to meet up and get together, however teleporting is via invitation only and is on a world by world basis. You can teleport directly to a friend, or to their spaces if they are there. This makes it easy to find each other in Exedos. If they are on another world, then you will need to portal there first!

Mobile App

The Exedos mobile application runs on both iOS and Android phones. It allows Travelers to stay connected both in and out of Exedos, and gives you an easy way to arrange meetings or connect with your digital friends by sending Teleport requests. 

It also has built in tools that let you easily  manage your in-world assets, Spaces and FLUX tokens. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, everything in Exedos is fully interchangeable and follows open standards. 

Your piece of the Metaverse

Virtual experiences are changing the way people see the world around us. Exedos is driven by the preservation of the world’s art, history and culture, our goal is to give everyone a way to share the best of humanity online.

Exedos is coming

Join us and be a part of the metaverse