Exedos Worlds

The Future of Entertainment

Exedos is made up of persistent, shared, 3D worlds that are interconnected and tightly linked to form a virtual universe. Powered by blockchain technology, anyone can own a piece of Exedos and create their own digital reality, weather they are coming to visit or plan to stay for a while.


Each Exedos world is unique in its own way, with a single continent that is brought to life by its inhabitants.


Each world has a central city that hosts portals which allow for instant travel around the world.


Exedos worlds are filled with spaces, like land, you can own them or trade them  and use them to create your own reality.

To keep the Exedos metaverse dynamic each world has its own theme and style. Our first world, Serenity, is Mediterranean themed, inspired by Spanish & European art, history and culture. We plan to follow with a world inspired by the culture of the East with art and culture from Japan, China, Thailand and Bali. Then we head to outer space for something truly spectacular!

New worlds only open up when existing worlds are at 75% occupancy.  

Know no limits

Exedos is delivered as a fully 3D open-map experience so you can freely wander through the virtual universe as it grows.  It uses real-time portals so you can teleport around in world, and each world has unique travel assets that give you cool ways to explore the best they have to offer.


A Fully Immersive Experience

Exedos uses high-quality 3D recreations that power everything in its worlds, from buildings, gardens and forests to the art, history and culture that gives them their character. Built as a fully immersive, first person experience, our worlds are built to be explored.

Next Generation 3D Engine

Exedos runs on one of the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D engine. Capable of delivering state-of-the-art game play, along with cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds.

Desktop, Console and VR

Built to be a cross-platform experience, Exedos clients are available for windows and mac desktops, Sony Playstation and XBox. For the best experience, we strongly suggest you enjoy Exedos in full virtual reality on the Oculus Quest or Rift on a high end PC. 

And so much more!


Immerse yourself in our virtual universe, built to be experienced at high quality in both 3D and VR


Fully interactive worlds, you can see, feel and touch the envrionment



Exedos is not just a eperience, it has games, activities and things to do to keep your busy



As a open map experience, you are free to explore our virtual worlds, cities and public spaces

Exedos is coming

Join us and be a part of the metaverse