Exedos Spaces

Your piece of the Metaverse

Exedos spaces allow you to own a piece of the metaverse. Each exedos world is divided into spaces that can be bought, sold and traded or transfered – and once you own them you can populate them with anything you choose. All exedos worlds feature public and private spaces as well as recreational spaces that are reserved for in world activities.  Spaces are managed via on the Ethereum blockchain making them unique, and fully decentralized.


Private spaces are located in premium locations to ensure that they can be truly appreciated. 


Public spaces consist of over 50% of all land in exedos worlds, ensuring that it never gets crowded


Recreational spaces are reserved for in world entertainment, from activities to experiences

Its your world

Exedos is built to be explored. It is delivered as a fully 3D open-map experience so you can freely wander through the virtual universe as it grows. Know no limits.

With Exedos spaces, you can own your piece of the Exedos universe, import your own 3D assets and NFT’s and build your own private paradise. 

Your piece of the Metaverse

You can buy your piece of the exedos metaverse today by buying spaces in the exedos marketplace. Initial spaces will be released to users on our mailing list, and those who follow us online so sign up now and get ready for the future of entertainment.

Exedos is coming

Join us and be a part of the metaverse