Paying homage to the reggae icon Bob Marley, a virtual recreation of the iconic Bob Marley statue in Kingston, Jamaica, is set to debut in the metaverse. This groundbreaking project, a collaboration between Exedos and Soulbank, promises to transport fans and enthusiasts alike into a digital realm where the spirit of Bob Marley comes alive in stunning detail.

As part of the project, Exedos worked with Soulbank to create a dynamic teaser trailer, with the Bob Marley statue set deep in the Jamaican countryside in a large pond under clear skies protected by the majestic Lion of Judah that is a symbol of the Rastafarian religion.

The virtual recreation faithfully captures the essence of the original Bob Marley statue located in Kingston, celebrating the legendary musician’s life and contributions to reggae music and global culture. Through cutting-edge virtual reality technology, viewers will have the opportunity to explore and interact with the digital representation of the statue, experiencing the vibrancy and cultural significance of Bob Marley’s legacy in an immersive digital environment.

Soulbank, the driving force behind this initiative, expressed their dedication to preserving and expanding the cultural impact of Bob Marley. “The virtual recreation of the Bob Marley statue is a tribute to his enduring influence and a celebration of reggae culture. By bringing this iconic landmark into the metaverse, we aim to create a global platform for fans to connect with Bob Marley’s spirit in a new and engaging way.”

The digital experience is designed to be accessible to audiences worldwide, allowing fans from every corner of the globe to engage with the virtual representation of the Bob Marley statue. This project signifies the intersection of technology, culture, and the arts, underscoring the metaverse’s potential to transcend geographical boundaries and unite communities through shared cultural experiences.

The virtual recreation of the Bob Marley statue in Kingston, Jamaica, is scheduled to launch on June 6th, 2023. The experience will be available for everyone to view on the Soulbank website, providing fans with a unique opportunity to connect with the spirit of Bob Marley in an entirely new and immersive way.

About Soulbank:
Soulbank is the world’s first all digital virtual museum and art gallery. We have created a dynamic and accessible platform that transcends geographical boundaries, making art, history, and culture universally available to everyone.

About Exedos:
Exedos is a cutting-edge production company that is pioneering the fusion of technology and creativity to bring immersive experiences to life. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling using state-of-the-art virtual reality technologies to transport audiences into captivating digital realms.