Bhoma, Protector and Judge

Come and visit Bhoma, Protector and Judge from Bali, Indonesia in the Metaverse. Bhoma is a Dwarapala, an ancient god from the mythology and religious teachings in Bali, Indonesia. Bhoma is the son of Dewa Wisnu and Dewi Pertiwi, the god of rain and the goddess of earth. 

One day, when Wisnu was digging the earth in the form of Varaha, his avatar in the form of a wild boar, he encountered a beautiful earth goddess named Dewi Pertiwi. The encounter leads to a union between Wisnu and Pertiwi, which produce a terrifying son named Bhoma.

He is encountered at every turn in Bali, at every temple and over many front doors where he watches over the entrances. His name means “born from the earth” and so it manifests itself in all plants. His face, often wrapped in a crown of flowers, can look awful or friendly – depending on Intention and attitude of the person entering. Bhoma protects the buildings and keeps evil away.