The Hero’s of Dos de Mayo

Tribute to the heroes who defended Madrid from the invaders. Where will we be if we don’t join forces and take care of our planet ? Back where we started, it’s time to unite as War is not the answer.

This magnificent monument by Aniceto Marinas stands in tribute to the Dos de Mayo Uprising of 1808 in Spain against the French occupation during the Peninsular Wars that signalled the start of the Spanish War of Independence. It is one of many tributes to the uprising that can be found across Spain and is located next to the Temple of Debod in the center of Madrid, not far from the Oeste park.

The monument commemorates the heroism of the people of Madrid on May 2nd during clashes with French troops and reflects the harshness and intensity of the fight against the French invaders.

It consists of a lifelike group of sculptures with a cannon as the central element, around which are a fallen man and woman, a terrified child, a soldier leaning on the cannon and above the set, a winged woman carrying a folded flag. It is said that the soldier is Lieutenant Luis Daoiz, a Spanish artillery officer and one of the leaders of the Dos de Mayo Uprising, along with Juan Manuel Malasaña, and his daughter Manuela Malasaña.