Bob Marley in the Metaverse

Come and visit Bob in the metaverse. Featuring the original Bob Marley statue located at the Kingston stadium, in this reality it has been relocated to where it should rightfully be. Deep in the beautiful mountains of Jamaica surrounded by trees, water and red dirt. Bob is playing his Gibson guitar and is being watched over by one of the Lions of Judah.

To commemorate the death of reggae legend Bob Marley in 1981 the Jamaican government commissioned the creation of a statue so he could be remembered by the Jamaican people. The statue stands in downtown Kingston outside the Jamaican stadium or The Office, as it is nicknamed.

Alvin Marriott, an accomplished Jamaican sculptor got the job to make a life-like sculpture to portray the reggae legend. In 1985 at the World Youth Festival Of Arts opening held in Kingston, Prime Minister Edward Seaga unveiled the new statue of Jamaica’s most famous son.

You can find it at Independence Park in Kingston at Arthur Wint Drive and Herb Mckenly drive. Nearby on Statute Drive in front of the National Stadium are monuments of Jamaica’s Track and Field superstars with Usain Bolt being the most prominent.